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privacy protection?

Privacy protection
Protect data of Your company


DNScare ensures your safety while browsing the internet by providing robust DNS filtering. Our advanced technology blocks malicious websites, spyware, phishing programs, ransomware, and malware, protecting you from online threats and ensuring a secure online experience

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.onion hosting

Get a unique server hosted in a secure, encrypted TOR network. If you value the privacy of your data.

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Key security
Protect your data with device secuirty key
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Secure Hosting

Secure private hosting of any format, virtual machines, kubernetes, docker. Everything under the safe umbrella of specialists.

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Flow control

Streamline your document management with our comprehensive solution. Take full control over the flow of documentation, from creation to distribution, ensuring efficient collaboration, version control, and seamless access to critical information. Experience enhanced productivity and organization with our intuitive platform.

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